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Thrash Post #44: Hi?

Heyyo peeps how's it going!!! *crickets in the background*

I've been away for sooo longggg!! I dont know if anyone even remembers me, tho I expect none but yea xD Somehow I've been away from the Arashi fandom :( I miss everything and I do wana catch up but I'm going to graduate soon so maybe imma think after that >< But actually from time to time I do wana write fics, I mean they surely suck but I just wana let the ideas out coz I have loads but yea my writing skills became worse ;w; I hope I can get back to the fandom and probably socialize like a normal hooman being one day .

Actually, two years ago the fangirl who got me into writing fanfics passed away, and yes I was saddened by that even till now. I've met her a few times and she was the best arashian senpai ever <3 I really gave up on fanfics for good because me losing her was such a big loss. I wanted to visit her at the hospital but I was a tad too late :( So yea, continuing writing might be hard because it reminds me so much of her but I do hope I can do a oneshot before I declare myself free from writing xD I need motivation so for those who remember pls give me support ;w;

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