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Thrash Post #42 : Short Hiatus notice?

This is very late but yes, I'm on a short hiatus and I didn't put up any notice about it XD Or did I?
I miss writing very much but I have no time to do so :( Plus I can't wait to end this course because I really have no interest in science whatsoever but I'm trying my best because I'll have my test soon and straight to finals then BYE BYE SCIENCE FOUNDATION!!!
It's not as easy as it sounds though since I'm honestly having one hell of a time here >< I skipped a year and I remember most of nothing from my first sem plus the juniors here are like next-in-line-Einstein's or!
Anyway, the good news is if nothing comes up, I'll start writing again by April :) Of course I'll start with Hanazakari's update~ huehuehue~

and the news about some arashi fansub community shutting down gave me a bigger damage than I expected.... Like guys, seriously? What the fuck(pardon my colourful language :P) is wrong with some of the people in the fandom that drove these hardworking subbers to the end of their career? As much as I wana give up the fandom, my love for Arashi is too big >< Hope they;ll return soon coz I want to go on an Arashi-marathon spree after my finals D:

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