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Thrash Post #41 : A dream

I've been very busy and almost no time for anything though I do play games from time to time
Which leads to major depression, okay, maybe not so major coz well, I spent one year doing nothing and suddenly I've to study everything I hate again >< I have good ppl around me but it always feels like there's a big gap maybe because I didnt know them from the start?

I wana write fics so damn baddly ;_;
okay so back to the main point, I had a dream of Arashi amidst my stress last night...
I havent had much of their updates lately and I do miss them..A LOT
suddenly I had a dream of them which was very pleasant...I dont remember what it was about but I do remember it being really calming and the only thing I could remember was Aiba giving me a wonderful smile :D

So that's just about it XD I just need a place to rant.... I'll finish this course by the end of March (early of April) so yeah, until then I've to work hard!!! YOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA!!  \(*Q*)/

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