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Hanazakari [12/?]

Title: Hanazakari
Pairing: Ohmiya, hints of Sakuraiba
Rating: PG-13 (ranges from G to NC-17 in the coming chapters)
Genre: Angst, Historical AU
Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi in any way
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari was born into poverty with no value to his family name and was forced into prostitution until he met a certain man of nobility. A sequel to Hanami.
A/N: Unbeta-ed

“Stop joki—”

“I’m not joking Nino!” Ohno snapped, knowing exactly what Nino was going to say.

The courtesan, however, refused to accept the fact despite how secretly happy he was on the inside. He wasn’t one to believe in miracles which explained the insecurity he felt.

“But… It’s not you…we’re—” he stuttered, trying to find the right words to explain his anxiety only to fail miserably.

Ohno sighed but smiled instead. “It’s not impossible Nino. I know you more than you think I do. Our first encounter, indeed wasn’t that miserable night you went through but when both of us were still kids” Nino’s eyes widened in surprised over the revelation, but Ohno said nothing more about it.

“I’ll give you some time to think. I’ll leave for now” the young master excused himself and left as Nino still stood there—dumfounded.

Only when the rain started pouring did Nino snapped out of trance and dashed inside of Hanami as fast as he could.

By the time Nino got to his room, he was soaking wet to his skin. The other courtesans still gave him the cold treatment but that was the least of his problems. His main concern that moment was Ohno’s sudden proposal. Sure he liked Ohno and even wished to serve a nice man like that but to suddenly be requested like that surprised him to the point of fearing him as well.

Did Ohno even know what it meant to buy him? To sleep with a male courtesan who had been dirtied by hundreds and even support him in every aspects; was the young master ready for such an ordeal?

He was deep in his thoughts until he notice how he had automatically walked over to Aiba’s futon instead of his. The futon folded nicely and looked untouched—just looking at it made him sad, reminding him every now and then how long it had been since Aiba was kidnapped.

He then slapped his cheeks and decided to focus on the real deal in hand, and that was regarding no other than his one and only friend, Aiba Masaki. Just when Nino was about to get himself busy, the commotion downstairs got him distracted. He was running down the stairs when his eyes came in contact with Jun’s. He had no time to react as his eyes caught sight of the guy on the later’s back.

Of course, Nino stepped aside to give way then ran along Jun’s side. He helped to spread the futon and Jun laid the unconscious Aiba onto the said spot. He sighed heavily and patted Nino’s shoulder.

“I’m glad you’re finally back. As much as I want to celebrate your return, we must delay it to a later time. For now, I have yet another request to make” Before Jun managed to voice his intention, Nino had already made up his mind.
“If it’s about taking care of Aiba then I would do it no matter how many times he get in trouble. And I will never take a ‘no’ as an answer” said the courtesan in determination as he already had wet clothes and medicines prepared. The owner of Hanami just smiled an assuring smile and decided to leave it for one that’s best for Aiba.

Since that very evening, Nino had been by Aiba’s side without fail. He would wipe Aiba’s body carefully, just like how Ohno did to him in the hospital before. The scraps and cuts he treated with care as he rubbed the herbal ointment later bandaging them up properly. He refused all the help from others and assured that he was capable of the work himself—and he did, successfully doing them all by himself.

Jun also informed him about the case and it was no doubt the same culprit behind his own rape cum attempted murder case. Whoever it was trying to take Hanami down was definitely overdoing it and Nino ought to avenge for his friend with his own pride at stake.

“All you need to focus on at the moment is on taking care of Aiba-chan. I will take care of the rest” Jun said out of the blue and Nino knew he could never hide anything from someone as sharp as the young master.

Three days passed since the incident and only then did his friend woke up from his long beauty sleep.

Nino was changing the wet cloth on Aiba’s forehead when the guy’s eyes were flickering and blinking contionuously, indicating his consciousness. Jun was smoking his pipe in the similar room when the news got to him. The young master turned around only to feel as relieved as Nino when he found out that Aiba had finally regained consciousness after being out cold for days.

“Welcome back” Jun greeted ever so casually, trying to play the cool guy by not showing his strong inner emotions.

“Y-You’re back?” Aiba asked after realizing Nino’s presence plus the fact that they were in Hanami instead of the hospital. He mustered all his strength in trying to get up but the drugs he was forced to take were still messing up his system—making Aiba all weak and frail. “Just be a good boy and stay still for once. You don’t have to pressure your body to move you know” Jun advised as he with eyed Aiba with a glare.

Nino who immediately left to fetch Aiba his lunch came back with a plate of steamed fish in hand, which was basically Aiba’s favourite. He then helped the patient up for lunch, seeing how limited his movements were.

The guy, however, had more interest in getting answers for his questions rather than having lunch.

“How long have I been unconscious?” Aiba asked, completely ignoring the delicious meal prepared for him.

Nino told him all those little details about during his absence except for the stories behind the curtain. Jun snapped those questions regarding the incident with a “Let Sho answer them for you” instead and Nino understood the cue that he would have to leave that to Sho instead. He didn’t know what happened and how Aiba got so close to Sho but deep inside Nino was really relieved. He was scared if Aiba might have to prolong his stay in Hanami for the next decade since he still weren’t to serve customers and find himself a good patron. To have Sho to care for his friend assured Nino that it was alright even if he left Hanami.

Later that day when Aiba had recovered a part of his strength, he was to have a good relaxing bath with Nino to assist him in doing so. As they were about to get down to it, Nino let out a surprising revelation.

“I’ll help you to wash your back. For the last time” Nino offered yet with a solemn told at the end. Aiba then gave him a dumbfounded look. “Last time?” Nino, however, quietly led him to the open bath house without another word.

Only when he started scrubbing Aiba’s back with the sponge did he began to open his mouth. “Ohno bought me” Aiba almost choke on his saliva that instance. He turned back almost immediately, causing Nino to almost tip backwards. “What did he say? No—what did you say?!” Nino looked down and took the sponge back in hand.

“I agreed to it” Without a doubt, it was a plain lie. Ohno was yet to buy him plus he did not give a firm answer yet. Surely, it hurts so much to see the pained look on Aiba’s expression especially after such incident but he figured it was for the best. Aiba needed another company so he could be independent and Sho was already doing a great job in becoming that special someone. But the only barrier was their friendship. If he was to leave first, it would be a good chance to separate from that friend of his and so they can continue on that path that they were bound to take one day. It was now or never.

“Don’t worry though! I’ll make my visits here regularly! I promise” another empty promise from Nino with no significant effort. He just wanted to make Aiba happy and it really did the trick. Aiba smiled a second later and started cleaning himself up. As fake as Nino’s lies, the latter’s smile was faker and he knew that all too well. Aiba wasn’t the type to be able to keep things to himself well so he was exposed more than he thought he was.

“I’m happy for you Nino” Aiba suddenly broke the silence and rinsed himself off instead. “I’m fine now so you don’t have to take care of me” he declared with a fake smile, trying his best to hide the obvious pain on his face in which Nino took him by the hand, stopping his further actions. He could read his friend like an open book and the sudden denial somehow pissed him off.

“I promised Jun I’d take care of you in exchange of everything else I’m indebted to both you and him. So don’t make my words seem like nothing! This is the freaking last time so let me have it my way!” Nino didn’t plan to shout, but he did—and rather angrily too. Knowing his friend well inside out, Aiba just sighed in defeat.

“Just don’t try to show off your overly-joyed face or I’ll find a better patron and shove the fact in that smug face of yours” with a sincere smile, Aiba managed to convince Nino that he had calmed down.. Honestly, Nino couldn’t tell if it was another of the other’s fake acts but the moment he felt Aiba’s muscles relaxing, he knew the other was out of the tensed zone.

Only the sounds of water splashing could be heard in the bath house as both of them were too deep in their thoughts, both of different issues and worries. Nino helped the latter to clean himself up quick and fast before they ended the bathing session in nothing but silence.

Sho was to have a meeting with Aiba in private and the guy still sucked in preparing himself. Plus, Nino doubted his friend’s wound had healed properly so he agreed on assisting with the preparations as well.

As he combed Aiba’s silky, long hair, he could see the other’s depressed look, probably from his own words earlier in the bath house. Nino admitted that he was horrible when it came to coaxing, but he wasn’t all that cruel either. “You don’t have to worry much about it you know. I think Sho will buy you out soon. I’m pretty sure of it”

Aiba then held his hand and brought it close to his cheeks. “This is not about who’s getting a patron first Nino. It’s about losing you, my one and only friend” The gloom look on his friend’s face returned yet again. Nino sighed, realizing that he played the wrong card.

In an attempt to persuade the other, Nino embraced Aiba’s head to his chest as his hands caressed the other’s sides, careful not to mess his hair. “I’m sorry Aiba-chan. But Ohno had been kind enough to pay the hospital expenses and a portion of Hanami’s lost in exchange for me. Plus, he is the first man I’ve fallen for. But no matter what happens, I’ll always remain the same Ninomiya Kazunari who is your one and only friend. Just keep that in mind. No matter the places or distance nothing will change” Nino explained in a sombre tone. It might be words of comfort meant for Aiba but he felt more impact from his own words.

Going off to live with Ohno meant that he would be leaving Hanami for good—and that thought saddened him the most. Surely, he started off with the goal to escape and avenge for his family but a lot of things happened throughout the years and he slowly felt his aim changing little by little. He grew to love Hanami for Jun and Aiba were there for him plus his life was actually happier than it was with his family. But on the other hand, he loved Ohno as much.

That night, Aiba and Sho had their conversation in a private room, in which Nino knew how it’d end up—probably into a hot night of love making for sure. Hanami’s private rooms weren’t built simply for discussing personel matters after all.
Feeling a bit lonely, he walked off Jun’s office—which was still his best hideout—only to find himself disappointed over the young master’s absence. But the calm and quite night got himself thinking about so many things. One of them was none other than Ohno Satoshi, the man he had fallen for since he was a kid. He wondered if it was the right thing to accept this once in a lifetime chance that he had been waiting for?

Nino sat there for quite some time, lost in his own world. He lost track of time and stayed dazed. But his day dreaming came to an end when he was awaken up by a loud explosion that almost shook the ground. “An earthquake?” was his guess but it shook no more than once.

Only a few minutes later did he hear the racket coming from outside. Without a second thought, Nino dashed outside only to meet with the last sight he wished to see—a sea of fire engulfing the courtesan’s manor building on the opposite side, leaving the residents running and shouting in panic.

“Aiba!” the thought of his friend immediately crossed his mind but for some reason, his feet refused to be moved as he wanted it to. He was bound to his own fear—which grew bigger at the same rate as the said flames eating out a part of Hanami.


A/N: I apologize for so many things >< First off, I've been a bit too busy last and this week~ I went for a holiday which was a trip to a tropical Island so I didn't bring my laptop along.

And I'm going back to college tomorrow so I was rushing so much to write this :3 Sorry for the common mistakes and fails coz I don't have the time to read it through >< It's 4am here and I've a long day tomorrow so I'm going to sleep now XD will check this back once I wake up ne :3
Tags: fic : hanazakari, length : chaptered, pairing : ohno / nino, rating : pg-13
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