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Hanazakari [10/?]

Title: Hanazakari
Pairing: Ohmiya, hints of Sakuraiba
Rating: PG-13 (ranges from G to NC-17 in the coming chapters)
Genre: Angst, Historical AU
Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi in any way
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari was born into poverty with no value to his family name and was forced into prostitution until he met a certain man of nobility. A sequel to Hanami.
A/N: Unbeta-ed

That night, or more like in the dead of that night,  Nino had a good sleep—no nightmare, fear and whatnot. He slept like a baby till morning, only to wake up when the sunlight broke through the spaces between the window veils.

Nino admitted that he was rather languid and exhausted perhaps because he had so much fun talking to Ohno till neither of them realized how late it was getting and ended up turning in the wee small hours. He then spotted the figure by his bedside, deep in slumber. Ohno had a cute face in Nino’s opinion but he was saddened by how tired the other looked.

It was a no brainer regarding Ohno’s condition considering the fact that he just returned from years of travelling and the first thing he did was to take care of Nino. All night to top that. In that instance, it crossed Nino’s mind of how it’d be nice to have a patron like Ohno—One who was kind, caring and cute too.

Being too engrossed in his thoughts, little did he realize that his small actions had woken the other up.

“Good morning, Nino” Ohno greeted as he rubbed his tired eyes. “Look like you’ve a lot in mind this morning”

Just when Nino was about to give his response, the nurse came in with a container of warm water and a towel. “It’s your bath time, Ninomiya-san. Should I do it for you?” she asked politely. The patient however, did not managed to give his answer as his caretaker did instead.

“Just leave it there. I’ll do it for him” was Ohno’s spontaneous response. The nurse only smiled back and placed the items near the bed.

“I’ll go clean myself up a little. Once I’m done I’ll wipe you all over. You can get ready while I’m at it” said the young master before he left. Nino on the other hand, was too dumbstruck to response. To be bathed by Ohno’s two hands? He wasn’t ready for such a thing! What if he get a hard-on while the person he admires touches him all over? Plus, Ohno would be seeing his precious down there and he was sure he couldn’t live through the embarrassment!

Ohno came back too soon for Nino to have enough time to prepare himself. The guy somehow seemed refreshed and quite energetic, in which didn’t comfort Nino one bit.

“What are you waiting for? Oh, I forgot, your hand is injured” Ohno sat at the bed side and grabbed the hem of Nino’s yukata. “Let me he—”

“I can do it myself!” Nino suddenly flared in anger which surprised his caretaker. As much as he wanted to hide it, his reddened cheeks were exposing himself all the more. Ohno just chuckled though, seemingly having to grasp the reason behind such a reaction.

“You don’t have to be shy. We’re both men afterall” the young master persuaded in a cheering manner.

The fact that they were both men was what bothered Nino the most. His job was involved stripping bare in front of men afterall—but to do the same with the person he admired made him unbelievably mortified.

Ohno however, did not heed warnings. He literally stripped Nino’s clothes off of him after locking the door which left the patient only in his white briefs. Nino’s skin was pale white, making the redness on his body and face even more obvious. The young master found it amusing though, considering the other’s job which usually involved something more explicit than this and yet Nino was getting worked up about being naked in front of him.

Despite finding Nino fun to tease, leaving the other like that might cause him to catch a cold. Ohno was into fun and games, but to make Nino more ill was what he wanted to avoid most. “I’ll do this quickly so just bear with the coldness” assured the young master before lightly soaking the towel and dampening it onto the patient’s shivering body.

Nino on the other hand, expected a bigger humiliation than before but not the warmth from those two hands. Ohno was gentle and subtle in movements, the towel wiped all over his body as if it was a paint brush—soft and refined in manner. The nervousness from before washed away in an instance, replaced by calmness and tranquility that Nino yearned for a long time. It felt like a massage in a way, washing away all the negative feelings he had a second before.

His muscles finally relaxed, making it easier for Ohno to wipe all over his body. Nino found it surprising that a person’s touch could give this sort of effect since all he had felt were fingers of perverts roughly touching his skin all over—and truthfully, it wasn’t a bit pleasurable—unlike the wonders Ohno’s finger were doing that moment.

“You’re good at this” Nino complimented with a smile.

Ohno replied with a slight chuckle as he continued to wipe Nino’s legs. “I did many jobs during my travel when my funds ran out. They weren’t the best jobs but I couldn’t be picky when it came to earning my pot of rice. One of the work I had done was to work at a sickly old folks’ home. I learned to do so many things there including having to help the elderly to have their bath” Ohno felt happy having someone to share his experience with.

In fact, Nino was the first he talked to regarding his adventure. He didn’t even meet his parents yet, neither did he get the chance to sit down and have a proper talk with Jun or Sho. As soon as he was in town, he went home, threw his very little load with him at home and headed out to Hanami before the incident. Besides, Nino was an earnest listener, making him feel at ease.

Right after the patient finished being wiped all over, he demanded Ohno to tell him more about his adventure.
“It’s interesting to listen to stories I’ve never heard of before. Tell me more” Nino probed with curiosity, yearning to know more about the world out there.

Ohno agreed to it but with the condition that Nino finish up his breakfast. Ever since he was admitted last night, the courtesan barely touched his meal as he reasoned his lack of appetite. The young master understood his condition but not filling up his stomach was a bad idea and he simply didn’t want Nino to fall sicker.

Nino hesitated for a moment before agreeing with the deal. He looked at the porridge prepared on the table and tried hard to eat with his left hand, only to fail miserably. Ohno laughed and fed him instead. “We’re friends now. It’s okay to be selfish and ask me for help you know”

The courtesan pouted in response but went along with the flow, feeling himself getting more and more used to being pampered. As he was being fed, Ohno told him about the adventure he went on, what he saw, the people, the places and many more that amazed Nino to no end. The young master was quite a joker himself, and Nino found his jokes to be quite comical. It had been a while too long since he had a good laugh with a person other than Aiba.

He was happily enjoying the company until a familiar figure standing by the door caught his sight. It was none other than Aiba, staring at him and Ohno perhaps lost in thoughts as usual.

“If you’re here then you should have said something yanno?” Nino’s words woke his guest up from trance. He quickened his pace to Nino’s side as he placed the onigiri by the bedside. Aiba was blushing, embarrassed that he was caught red-handed. He then looked at the half-empty plate in Ohno’s hand and sighed. “I brought some of ossan’s onigiri in case you didn’t have anything for breakfast….but I guess you did”

Nino then smiled widely, snatching a piece of the said onigiri. “Thank you for this~ Ossan’s onigiri is still the best” Nino munched the food happily while Ohno stared at him lovingly, putting the bowl of porridge down. “I’ll leave the both of you to talk then” said Ohno, getting up then leaving only the two of them.

Aiba pursed his lips towards Ohno’s leaving back and looked back at his friend. “So what’s with you and him?” before sitting on the stool Ohno used. Nino just smiled back at him, somehow creeping out the other in a way.
“What? I don’t think it’s that bad to be on good terms with my savior” Nino chided playfully.

“Wipe that smug off your face Nino-chan! You think I didn’t notice how the both of you were looking at each other?” Aiba argued, shoving another onigiri into Nino’s hand indicating him to finish up his food. Nino shook his head and pushed the food aside, saying he was already full and all. Aiba breathed in deeply before building up the courage to ask “So, what happened?”

His smile faded that instance. He hated thinking back of it but he knew sooner or later he simply had to face it. Nino puffed his cheeks and blew to nothingness. He lied down and snuggled with the blankets.

Unknowingly, he started telling Aiba about the whole incident. He wouldn’t admit it but having to reminisce the whole incident was the worst feeling and he wished he could just erased everything off. What he didn’t expect was for his best friend to burst into tears instead.

He was also on the verge of tears a few moments ago after recalling the traumatizing experience but to have another person crying for him made Nino feel happy all of the sudden. The urge to cry himself disappeared in an instance. His mouth might be shooting sarcastic words at his friend for being such a baby but deep in his heart, he was glad to have a person who cared for him to that extend.

“Now stop crying! Everything’s alright, Ohno’s here for me, so are you, so I’ll be fine!”
“Really?” Aiba asked, half crying.

Nino nodded in an assuring manner. Aiba then remembered that the last of his mizuage was that very night and had to leave for preparations even though he insisted on wanting to be by his friend’s side.
“Go back and prepare yourself. I’m gonna be fine. Ohno’s here. He’s a really good guy” Hearing that made the other feel at ease. Aiba got up, prepared to leave but Nino grabbed a hold of his hand tightly before looking up. “Make me proud, Aiba-chan!” he wished, knowing that was the least but most that he could do for his friend.

The day passed by fast as he did nothing but lie in bed, accompanied by Ohno. Despite not being able to do much, Nino didn’t feel bored at all. The young master was a good companion and did the most he could to entertain him like no other. Ohno also did a few simple painting in the room, showing his new friend his real field of work—which was mostly those that involved arts.

Nino being the guy who had little education of things outside of the brothel was yet again amazed. He had seen large paintings being hung around Hanami but never really knew how it came to be done so beautifully. Thus, his day was spent happily thanks to Ohno. Not only did he had so much fun but it felt like Ohno was opening a new path of endless knowledge for him.

The next day, Aiba dropped by again with the exception that Ohno wasn’t present. It seemed that he had something to settle back at the Ohno main house but the young master promised he’d be back before dusk.

Aiba, who just went through his deflowering night had so much to tell regarding it. Despite Aiba’s endless chattering, he found it amusing and didn’t even get bored throughout the long story session. Without Ohno, it was lonely so to have his best friend by his side was a great coincidence and benefit on his part.

His friend however did not stay for long. He understood that Aiba’s schedule was going to get rougher with the new job but he wished the guy would stay by his side longer. “Since when did I start yearning for a company?” Nino questioned himself. He was always alone and thought that he could continue that forever, but recently his heart was betraying him by yearning for another’s presence.

Suddenly, he was hit by a strange shiver which caused his neck hair to stand—as if an indication towards something. Nino didn’t take it positively though. He started to feel uneasy from the feeling he had before, expecting something bad to occur in the nearest time.

“Ohchan…Please come back soon”


A/N: I'm so sorry for the late update!!! >< My arm is acting up again and it's somehow getting really painful lately. It's also becoming numb a lot. Sometimes when I accidentally touch my own hand it feels like I'm touching another person's xD It's quite surprising especially at night haha~
Okay forget about that, I hope this chapter wasn't all that disappointing ~
My mood has been changing every now and then depending on my arm's condition so I couldn't really enjoy writing it this time T^T Gomenasai~
From now, the story clashes a lot with the prequel, Hanami. I won't get to the details so for the ones who haven't read Hanami, you can understand the bits from the fic. This chapter is from chapter 4 in Hanami, if I'm not mistaken~
I overestimated my ability and underestimated the pain along my arm and thought I could finish this fic by the end of this month xD Now that I think about it, it kinda makes me laugh on how stupid that was~ I couldn't do it! There are still many events to go before this fic can end >< It's gonna take some time but please bear with me and my random stupidity! And quite some time before I get to some Ohmiya smut xD
Comments and feedbacks are appreciated ^^
Plus it's almost 4am here now xD I'm

And here's something for my dear readers ^^ Let your imagination run wild~ muehehehe

Tags: fic : hanazakari, length : chaptered, pairing : ohno / nino, pairing : sho / aiba, rating : pg-13
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