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Hanazakari [8/?]

Title: Hanazakari
Pairing: Ohmiya, hints of Sakuraiba
Rating: R (ranges from G to NC-17 in the coming chapters)
Genre: Angst, Historical AU
Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi in any way
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari was born into poverty with no value to his family name and was forced into prostitution until he met a certain man of nobility. A sequel to Hanami.
A/N: Unbeta-ed
Warning: This chapter contains rape


Nobody believed it but the truth was the truth and there was nothing anybody could do to change the fact. Aiba was to have his mizuage that night without much preparation thanks to Sakurai-sama’s selfish request. Nino’s impression of the man was still right on the spot—Sakurai-sama was still that selfish brat from years ago, except for the fact that he already had a name for himself.

The brothel was still in a ruckus, mostly from the residents fussing about how Aiba could possibly have gotten the spot they tried hard to get. One side which consisted of the courtesans who were against the idea—telling everybody how they deserved the place as Sakurai-sama’s first man instead—while another consisted of the helpers and assistants who gave Aiba their full support since they were the masterminds behind this.

The brothel’s no.1 courtesan, on the other hand, was speculating the level of the other courtesans’ mentality; as to why anybody would even go to such lengths for a weirdo who’d request a guy who spilled drinks and food on their clothes on the first meeting.

Nino was in Jun’s office, spending off his time in his usual hideout. Suddenly, Jun banged the sliding door open which caused the trespasser to flinch in surprise. The young master started grumbling nonsense as he was not aware of  the other being’s presence.

“Looks like you’re having a rough time, Jun-pon” claimed Nino, coming out from the corners with a big sheepish grin on his face. He indeed was, and had zero mood to have idle chats with the last person he wanted to see.

“If you’re here to make matters worse, then you might as well help that friend of yours a little. I might be having my hands full with Sho’s sudden request but he’s the one going through the process” Jun sighed and walked towards Nino then put a hand on his shoulder. “Help Aiba-chan, please? That guy is probably having a hard time on his own and I’ve too much to handle at the moment to sort everything out with him” it was his first time to hear of how concerned Jun was for Aiba. He knew how much his best friend had been cared for since the lung collapse incident but he never really knew how much it meant to Jun, who basically refused to show any sort of emotion.

Nino then smiled happily, agreeing to the request without a second thought. “Before that, at least let me be in charge of the ceremony preparations. He had done so much for my mizuage. It’s my turn to pay back his deeds”

Jun instantly agreed with the deal—telling Nino again and again how much that lightened his burden. Nino on the other hand was more than happy to do the same for his best friend. He never really liked doing chores and extra works but for the first time, he was excited to do what he hated most. It was also one of the rare occasions where he actually did something for another person besides himself.

With the best plan in mind, Nino set out to get ready for the ceremony. He had all of what Aiba loved in account, together with his own set of ideas. Jun had also given some money for him to spend on since everything of that sort was under the brothel’s expenses.

Aiba had always loved the colour green so he ran over to the kimono shop in the vicinity to pick out the best green kimono. He even had to use his allowance to pay for the item since it was a bit out of budget, being the most expensive one on display. Nino was good with money but he thought that spending a bit for his friend wouldn’t hurt. Plus, he had a whole bunch more of them that he had been collecting since day one under his futon.

Nino returned with the heavy clothes in hand, putting them nicely in the changing room. Later, he moved on to the room’s preparation. He had warded off the other helpers earlier by telling them that he was to do this alone. So there he was—sweeping and mopping the floor of the ceremony room alone. He hadn’t done chores since he made his debut as a courtesan so the workload was quite vexing. But with Aiba in mind, he managed to build his own fighting spirit.

Later that evening, the preparations were finished and the only thing left was for Sho’s arrival and Aiba appearance.
With that done, it was time for his second job. He went upstairs to their shared room and took a deep breath. Nino was worried for his friend, but he could never ever show that part of him to anybody—which included his best friend. He promised himself to lock all those petty emotions away and not trouble anybody with it.

Nino appeared at the door with a smirk on his face as Aiba—trying his best to apply makeup on his face—came in sight. It amused him that Aiba was greatly failing at such a simple task but the other looked depressed and not his usual sunny bright self. It hurts Nino to see his friend in that manner but he still tried putting up the usual act to bring back his usual happy Aiba-chan.

“What are you smiling like an idiot for?” Aiba scolded as soon as he caught sight of the other through the mirror.
Nino laughed, walked over to him and gave him a rather hard pang on the back “Who would have thought, that Hanami’s late bloomer is his man of choice! That young master sure has some loose screws in his head” snickered Nino, keeping up the bratty act like he always did.

“Well, excuse me for still holding onto my dear virginity! If you have nothing to do here, please leave” It was obvious that Aiba was in no mood to argue. But even so, Nino refused to leave. He snatched the small brush from Aiba’s hand and sat in front of him. Aiba pouted like a kid with a ‘Give me that back!!’ look but didn’t affect the other one bit. Instead, he got a flick on the forehead and a sweet smile as a reply.

“I might be a devil, perhaps the father of evil itself, but let me at least help you to apply the makeup. You suck in this” Nino chuckled happily while Aiba blushed. It was a tradition to dress like a girl and attend the mizuage. It couldn’t be helped after all, since what Aiba was capable off was only the chores as a helper. He had never even helped the other escorts to get themselves ready. Maybe once for Nino, but Aiba did nothing more than watch him prepare.

With a soft touch, he helped Aiba apply the white powder and slide the small brush along his plump lips, turning it crimson red. Nino was rough in some matters, but he was also surprisingly soft and subtle when it came to fine work like this. He then helped the other by pinning his long hair with a red-flower patterned hair pin as the final touch.

“There, now you look beautiful” for the first time in his life, Nino complimented Aiba. He himself was shocked when those words unconsciously came out from his mouth but managed to keep his reaction to a minimum.

Aiba, who heard the compliment loud and clear pouted as he blushed. “A man isn’t supposed to be beautiful” he told off with puffy cheeks. Nino just laughed it off as he walked away “Make me proud Aiba-chan!” Nino encouraged with a happy smile on his face. Aiba replied them with his usual wide grin, feeling a whole lot more confident. “I won’t fail you for sure” Aiba whispered to himself, holding onto the hairpin in his hair. Nino swore he heard them but did not say a single word.

Some other courtesans attended Aiba’s mizuage as mere guests but Nino decided not to. He was in a good mood so he decided to serve customers for the night. The excitement he felt for Aiba was still flaming in his heart and he hope it’d just die down soon. It’d be bad if he had too much hope in Aiba and the guy ended up having a bad time.

“Nino-san. Tonight, you were requested by….” The junior stopped dead in his words, perhaps not willing to spurt out the truth. Nino knew exactly what that meant in which it wasn’t going to be a pleasant night for him. “…Kanata-sama of the Taijou household.” He continued a few dreadful seconds later.

“You can always decline his offer since you’re the top courtesan here, Nino-sama!” the young helper assured with a beseeching look on his face. Nino just smiled in return and ruffled the boy’s hair in a calm manner. “It’s okay, Ryuu-kun. Thank you for your concern. But I’ve served so many unpleasant customers. Another one of them wouldn’t make a difference”

The boy, Ryuuga Hiro was Nino’s personel helper who had been serving him so earnestly. It was obvious that the junior loved him so much to the point of suggesting something like that.


“In this field of job you should never be too picky, you must remember that. And if I don’t serve him, that would trouble Matsumoto-sama and the other courtesans. We wouldn’t want that right?” Nino voice was soft and gentle, melting the boy’s heart in an instance.

Ryuu-kun looked down in defeat and didn’t put up any sort of protest anymore. He then immediately returned to his usual work—to make preparations for Nino to begin his job.

That night, Nino felt the chills when he faced his customer. Taijou Kanata was a well known businessman throughout edo and was also infamous in Hanami for his roughness and non delicate sex methods.

Nino had served many rough customers, even ones who were into kinky bondage play but he had never served this particular man before. Why had this man never booked him in the past? Why only now? Those questions suddenly flooded Nino’s mind but he knew he’d not get anywhere with self questioning.

“So you’re that famous ‘Kane’-chan I’ve heard around. I wonder what’s so special about a skinny pale boy that has gotten all the riches crazy” If it was for Nino, he would’ve punched that fat freak right on the spot but he tried to remain composed nevertheless. Getting angry wasn’t going to get him anywhere. One would usually get turned on by him instead of questioning his ability, which was quite peculiar in a way.

Nino then proceeded with his usual step but the man suddenly grabbed him out of the blue and instantly ripped his clothes apart before he got the chance to take it off. “What are you—” Before Nino managed to finish his sentence, the man shoved a piece of cloth into his mouth in an attempt to shut him up. The gag felt horrible, giving him an instant choking feeling.

“Guess what. I heard from a friend of mine that a whore’s ass would spasm best on their last breath” at the quote of that, Nino’s eyes widened in horror. He tried to struggle free but his small frame was no match against the man’s big build.

The more he struggled, the more excited the freak became.  To make it worse, he had his hands tied with the sash of his kimono while his legs were spread apart. Nino screamed as loud as he could but the clothed muffled his voice into nothing but low whines. Tears flowed profusely along his cheeks as the man continued to have his way.

Nino cried and struggled more when the man positioned his manhood in front of his entrance. The man did not put any sort of lube as preparation on him and he knew the pain was going to be unbearable. For the first time in a long while, Nino was scared—dreadfully scared of the pain he was going to be inflicted with.

The moment Taijou pushed himself inside, Nino was already crying like he had never before. It was hell of a painful for an unprepared hole to be penetrated in that manner. Even the pain of beatings and punches all over his body was incomparable to the pain he felt at that moment. The fiery sting was getting stronger and in that moment, the desire to die was so strong that Nino’s mind went blank.

The torture was doubled when the man began to strangle his neck strongly. His lower part was burning in pain from the violent thrusts and he could barely breathe from the choking. The sash had come undone due to his violent tussle and he used the last of his energy to punch into the wooden floor frantically, hoping somebody would come to his rescue.
“Now let’s see how your ass would spasm on your final breath” the man laughed wickedly as he continued to thrust and put more effort into strangling. His small body couldn’t tolerate it anymore. The pain was too much and he could think of no other way to escape.

Nino was on the brink of consciousness when he suddenly felt Taijou’s weight and hand forced away from him, or perhaps a loud banging along with it, he couldn’t tell anymore. An instant relief took over his body but the stinging pain was still everywhere on his skin. He was too tired to think or even respond to what was happening. The last thing Nino blurrily saw was a man’s figure, holding him in his arms as he shouted for his name.

“Kane-san! Kane-san!!!” The voiced seemed awfully familiar but everything went black before Nino managed to put the puzzles together.


A/N: This chapter was awfully difficult for me to write >< I hate rape as much as the next person does but this is the plot I've decided so I had to write it T^T So sorry for those who found it unpleasant...coz the author finds it unpleasant too xD Might have not been able to write it out properly too...Well, I'm not fond of rape...The fact that I had to imagine it was so.......
Okay, let's just leave that topic at that xD
I'm so sorry I still haven't completed the fanart....but I'm done with the sketching..And Ohchan's face looked like a pervert...gotta fix that hahaha!! :3 Just need to draw it with my drawing tablet now ~ Will be sure to finish it for the next chapter ^_^
I got complains in the last chapter from a non-Sakuraiba shipper so I've properly put 'hints of Sakuraiba' in the pairing!!!! and a WARNING OF RAPE IN THE CONTENTS!!!!!
If you don't like it, then that's not my problem any longer~
Sorry to sound rude but I expect those reading this would have read the prequel or not.... So there are thing to and not to expect ><  and from the pattern since the first chapter, I will usually update in about a week or so :)
Comments are appreciated!
Tags: fic : hanazakari, length : chaptered, pairing : ohno / nino, pairing : sho / aiba, rating : r
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