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Hanazakari [7/?]

Title: Hanazakari
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Ohno Satoshi
Rating: PG (ranges from G to NC-17 in the coming chapters)
Genre: Angst, Historical AU
Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi in any way
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari was born into poverty with no value to his family name and was forced into prostitution until he met a certain man of nobility. A sequel to Hanami.
A/N: Unbeta-ed
As Nino promised his best friend, he was to put on his best effort for the mizuage—and he did.

He performed the best performance he could have given and his patron seemed to have taken a great liking in him. The said patron—was a nice gentleman in his 40s, a great member of the society and was what could be categorized as a ‘decent man’ that Jun picked out specially for him.

Not like Nino could fall in love with the man as his friend instructed but he did enjoy the man’s company as the first one he served. The said man—or more familiarly called Tanaka-sama—was gentle and caring. It was Nino’s first time to have his anal used for such vulgar activity yet the man was kind enough to keep in check if his partner was in pain.

“Does it hurt? Tell me if it does and I can slow down” Tanaka-sama would keep asking everytime Nino’s face cringed in some sort of pain. Nino would shake his head in denial but that itself was a lie. It really did hurt but was bearable enough for him to not admit it. He had heard of extremely painful first times due to rough partners so to get somebody like Tanaka was more than enough. The mizuage later ended successfully and Nino finally made his debut like the rest.

The next day, Nino put on a tough front by acting as if it did not affect him at all but he knew better how much his ass was burning painfully due to the indecent activity the previous night. The other helpers who heard of his gentle patron became jealous and decided to isolate the poor guy as an act of protest.

Jun, who heard of this became furious but Nino warned him to not let his position be at stake. “This is my war. Not yours” was what he would remind his employer everytime the topic came up.

Picking a great patron for only him was more than enough to create unwanted suspicion among the dissatisfied residents of Hanami and to back him up might cause the residents’ trust in Jun to waver. That was the last thing he wanted to happen after all Jun had done for him.

Nino might not be liked by the others but he always had a guy who would welcome him with open arms and that was nobody other than his one and only best friend—Aiba Masaki.

With Aiba supporting him, he had nothing else to worry about—He needed not anybody else too. Aiba on the other hand was slowly recuperating from his disease and that was more than enough to keep Nino going. Just like that, he threw every of his other feelings beside the love for his best friend and continued to work hard every night to win the most customers and show everybody what his body was made of. This ought to show everybody that he could do fine even without Jun’s help.

Years later, Nino held the title of the top courtesan in Hanami with the stagename ‘Kane’ due to his love for money and was the number one selling male prostitute not only in Hanami, but in the whole of Yoshiwara. Not a day passed without his named mentioned on the lips of the satisfied customer who came for his service.

But behind the success he earned for himself, was a pitiful man. He hoped every single day that his useless step-father would show up in Hanami to settle their score since he had done his part of the deal—but of course, no sane person would hold onto a foolish man’s words other than him. He knew deep inside that his step father won’t show up no matter how much success he was to gain but another part of his mind told him that trying harder by each passing day to make it come true wouldn’t hurt.

Besides working off on hoping for miracles, he also made numerous connections with the customers to gain advantage for future purposes. He also tried to gain information about his step-father from them but to no vain. Nobody knew of the man he had from his memories. He was most afraid of that one day he could no longer remember that man—since he had been living for the sole purpose of revenge and to have forgotten the most important detail would ruin what he had been living for.

One early morning, Nino woke up to the news of the young master Sakurai who would be coming to visit Hanami and spend the night which caused quite an uproar in the brothel. He knew Sakurai-sama from his vivid memories of a child and not anything more than that. “If I’m not mistaken, he was a spoilt brat as a kid” that was the only impression he had of Sho and nothing else.

Unlike Nino’s childish impression, Sho was said to be famous for his family’s influence in politics. The young master Sho himself was said to be the next in line to take over his father’s prominent role in the government. He was said to be a real gentleman and admired by not only women but men of all ages. Nino, on the other hand, was not interested in the government’s dog—plus having somebody like that up his sleeve would only hinder his vengeance.

Of course, there were gossips on how Nino would use sexual means to seduce the young master Sho and how everybody else should work on their appeal so they could get him otu of the picture. At this, Nino only rolled his eyes in response. Why should he put on that much effort for a mere man who he had zero interest in? “If you were to see him as a kid, you’d kiss your sorry imaginations goodbye” he whispered to himself with a grin.

The morning had started off awful and it was even lonelier without Aiba around. He was sure that guy was the busiest after having heard of the news. After years of working as a helper, Aiba was promoted as the head of the assistants and was greatly loved by his juniors. With a personality like his, it was a given that he’d win the heart of those around him.

Just an hour before Sho’s arrival, Nino was still in his white, night robe—too lazy to take a bath and face all those idiots who’d badmouth him at the bath house. He walked over to the kitchen to see Aiba stirring up the hot oil in the large pot. The guy had a constipated look on his face as he did so and Nino couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement. He then took the chance to tease Aiba a little.

He stood closer at the doorframe, just enough for the other to get a glimpse of him and strike a seductive pose.

“You know that’s not gonna work on me, Nino-chan”

Nino just laughed it off as he always did. Nothing beats teasing Aiba every now and then. “I would be surprised if it actually did. You have a heart of steel—impossible for me to make a move on” Nino complimented with sarcasm but a sweet smile remain plastered on Aiba’s tired face. He would often tease the other with seductive poses and sweet whispers but Aiba had never been a little bit affected by any of them—and he was contented with that. This was more than enough to assure Nino that Aiba was a good friend who could tolerate his whimsical behaviour and always be there for him.

He teased  the guy a bit more before finally deciding to get prepared as well. He had no intention of winning Sakurai-sama over and he could care less about what the others were saying. He was just going to attend the ceremony for Jun and Aiba’s sake and nothing more.

With a casual kimono, Nino put on light make up and exited the room only to receive the expected glances from the other guys there.

Things like “Is he even trying?”, “He seemed too confident it seems” and “Just look at how our No.1 will work on his charms” reached his ears loud and clear yet Nino had grown too used to them to not even flinch the slightest. He had been food-poisoned and almost killed by these overly-jealous pack that words no longer affected him.
Hanami was quite in a riot until Sho’s horse carriage reached the main door and everybody immediately went silent. Everyone took their places, most aiming for the nearest step to the entrance so Sho could lay his first glance on them but Nino took the last place where he could stay unnoticed.

They lined up straight in two lines along the wall, bowing in respect as the young master made his anticipated entrance. Everybody acted as refined as possible while Nino didn’t even build an effort to do so.

As Sho entered the private room with Jun, Nino sighed in relief that he could end his job there and then. He was not obliged to stay unlike the others who were persistent to spy on the guest. He was about to leave the place when he caught sight of Aiba carrying a tray of refreshments and snacks to serve the young master. He smiled, seeing how hard his friend was working yet he was planning on playing hooky instead.

He was about to leave the spot when a loud clamor could be heard from inside the said private room—more like, things falling about. Nino swiftly turned behind to meet the other guys’ surprised gaze. What in the world was happening inside there? The door was opened for some to see but nobody said a thing. Nino was a bit further away from the door so he couldn’t tell what was happening. But he did know that Aiba was in there to serve the snacks and all. After a minute of the tense atmosphere, Sho’s loud laugh could be heard—which yet again, surprised all the curious stalkers outside the room. This time, some were curious enough to go peek on what was happening.

Suddenly, a surprising statement from the young master Sakurai reached Nino’s ear. “Jun, let this boy serve me tonight!” It did not only surprised him but the rest of the attendees there. Nino couldn’t confirm it but he was sure Aiba was the only one in that room that moment. What in the world was the young master thinking?


A/N: Hello minna-san! Sorry for the late updates lately. Since I'm at home, my parents have been bringing me around here and there even after I dented the car lol...
It's finally the chapter where Hanami and Hanazakari intersects :3 As u can see, I am trying to fasten up the pace....haha!
7th chapter yet Ohno hasn't made his appearance! I'm so sorry >< But he'll appear in the next and I'll try to complete his fanart by then XD I've written a bit of the next chapter but it's gonna take some time :3 And thank you to those who took their time to read back Hanami :D Sorry I haven't been able to reply to your messages!
Comments and feedbacks are appreciated! Thank you for your patience ^^
Tags: fic : hanazakari, length : chaptered, rating : pg
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