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Hanazakari [6/?]

Title: Hanazakari
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Ohno Satoshi
Rating: PG (ranges from G to NC-17 in the coming chapters)
Genre: Angst, Historical AU
Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi in any way
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari was born into poverty with no value to his family name and was forced into prostitution until he met a certain man of nobility. A sequel to Hanami.
A/N: Unbeta-ed

A few years had passed since then. Surprisingly, Nino and Aiba got along a bit too well for Jun’s liking since he was force into the friend circle as well. Not only did they never treat him like one of higher status, they also used his office as a hideout to play hooky from chores. At first, Jun’s mouth spurted a thousand curses just from trying to get rid of them. But, his vulgar attempt failed badly so he decided to just let the two do whatever they wanted. Ridding of them was too tiresome anyway, might as well have a company or two around.

The two was well-known for being as close as two peas in a pod but the bit about their boss being the third pea was a secret since they didn’t want rumors about Jun being biased to linger about. Besides, more people whom they had no information about had been moving in—sold to Hanami, to be precise. They didn’t want these people to find an opening to create ruckus since most of them came from families with skeptical backgrounds.

Both Nino and Aiba had matured as well, with their hair longer than when they first met and facial features slowly turning into those of adults’. Nino once tried to cut his hair but Jun almost broke his arm for doing so. “What do you think increases your value as a courtesan!!!? Cut your hair and I’ll cut your arms instead!!!” Jun’s shout could be heard a mile away which served as a lesson to everybody in Hanami to never cut their hair unless being told to.

“Jun, have you found a patron for my mizuage yet?” Nino asked his employer one day. He was dead set on becoming number one so his step-father could eat his own words and was ready for just anything—even this stupid ceremony coming his way. He even let his hair grow longer and shaved every two days, for crying out loud!

“I haven’t found anybody decent yet but I’ll be sure to get one by next week” Jun assured as he continued smoking his kiseru. “You’ve just reached the age of 20. What’s the rush?” the young master questioned, feeling quite troubled by Nino’s eagerness. Jun was very concerned about his men’s well-being so he’d avoid customers with tainted backgrounds and served the nobles first. Finding the best for Nino was not as easy as it sounded since the number of actual good men paying up for a virgin boy’s ass was on a sharp decline—instead, bastards with sexual sadistic tendencies would come forward to claim their ‘rights’.

Arranging mizuages was the part he hated most in managing Hanami. Finding people who was worth it was the toughest job. It was due to a certain incident concerning one of the courtesan during a mizuage ceremony last year that Jun decided to enforce a stricter rule which on the other hand, burdened him more.

“I have my own personal reasons. Once I’m at the top, I’ll tell you why I’m so eager to start the job” was Nino’s low whispers in Jun’s ear, causing the other to shiver.

“Hey Nino, I heard rumours from the senpais that your mizuage patron has high chances of falling in love with you rather than your coming customers! A person’s first timer should be given to a precious person is what I think of too” Aiba babbled as they were hanging out in their room. Nino snorted, rolling his eyes upon hearing the nonsense his friend was going on about.

He threw a pillow straight towards Aiba’s face and laughed childishly. “Love? From a man who’s willing to buy another man’s anal virginity for millions instead of spending it for good? I have no interest in rich dumbasses like that!” When Nino turned to face the other but didn’t expect how much his words affected his friend. Aiba looked so hurt and pained by his words but he felt no guilt from it whatsoever. “I believe I was speaking of reality. You can dream as much as you want but I ain’t going to let myself be fooled by these people. There should be no love involved in this line of work. I’m sure you’re more than aware of that” Aiba didn’t respond and Nino found no reason to continue the argument.

From the start, Aiba had been living in a world different from his. One where he could afford to dream big with thoughts of achieving them—not  for Nino though. He had a life where reality hit him so hard that even dreaming was painful. To put it simply, Aiba was a loved son, nurtured with love from his parents while Nino was like a side-thrash to those around him. They grew up in a far too different conditions so it was a given that their opinions were to differ.

After that, Nino didn’t really see Aiba as much. He was busy in preparing for his mizuage since Jun finally managed to set a date and a patron for him so Nino didn’t give it much of a thought. Aiba was no more the snotty kid who would cry for his mum late each night so he was sure the guy could already take care of himself without anybody’s supervision.

The date for his mizuage drew closer and Aiba was nowhere to be seen. The others had seen him alright, except for him. Not in their room, not in the bath house and of course, nowhere around every single corner of Hanami. What was his friend doing? Was Aiba still angry for what he said the other day? Nino became worried but he had no time to meddle himself with anything more since he had the mizuage to be concerned about.

There was nothing Nino hated more than dancing and performing—especially for the customers—but he just found out that there was no escape as he was to perform in front of his patron before the ceremony takes place. He wished he had somebody to at least share the burden he felt—Aiba, perhaps.
“How troublesome” he mumbled to himself.

The day of the mizuage was approaching fast yet Aiba was still nowhere to be seen. By the time Aiba got inside their shared room, Nino had fallen asleep and by the time he had gotten up, his friend was long gone. He tried to stay up to wait for the other but his eyelids failed him. Nino wondered if the soft-hearted guy was still angry with him.

“As soft as that guy is, it’s been too long!” was what he concluded yet nothing else came to mind. What was Aiba doing? Where was he? Why was he not by Nino’s side to assist him?

For some reason, a few mere days before the mizuage, Aiba did not even come to their shared room. Of course Nino had not a single clue of it since he was a disappointment when it came to staying up awake but the other helpers who had overnight shifts were gossiping about it.

Without a second thought to it, Nino crashed into Jun’s office only to find it empty. When Jun came out of a hidden room located in his office(which was also said to be his bedroom), his face upon seeing Nino was filled with surprise, as if not expecting the other to be there. He tried to hide his shock but it came out as a failed effort. This was Nino they were talking about, one who was as sharp as an eagle.

“You look hella shocked to see me here. What are you hiding Jun? Where’s Aiba?!” Nino was rarely seen angry and that was perhaps the first time he was to scream at his boss.

“Aiba? You’re the one sharing rooms with him! Shouldn’t it be you who’d know?” Jun admitted that he was no good in lying and rivaling with somebody like Nino was the worst.

“You’re as transparent as glass, Matsumoto-sama” without a second thought to it, Nino used every ounce of energy he had to push Jun out of the way and crashed the door open—revealing the secret Jun tried hard to protect.

What he saw crushed his heart. He was the confident brat a minute ago but his heart shattered in just a few seconds.

Aiba lied there, half-naked with a bandage wrapped around his chest. There were traces of dried blood which scared him the most on the said bandage and the guy looked as weak as ever. The one who was usually jumping around happily was lying there, looking so frail and vulnerable.
“W-What happened?” Nino asked, eyes on the verge of tears.

Jun patted his shoulder and sighed. “His lung collapsed a few days ago. I’ve called in the best physician available and he had done his best. For now, Aiba just needs a lot of rest and all-round care” he said sadly.

“What happened? Who caused this?” even when he was sold to Hanami, Nino was strong enough not to cry. But seeing his best friend in that state, he couldn’t hold back his tear any longer.

“You” Jun’s answer was short yet so  unbearably painful to accept.

“He was doing his best all alone, preparing for your mizuage as if it was his own. He picked out your kimono, decoration and ran around to get everything perfectly complete for when the date arrives. A few days ago, he insisted on hanging the charms on the wall and fell off the wooden stairs. He was alright at first but then his breathing started to shorten. It seemed that it was the result of non-stop working and the hard impact on his chest. The doctor also said that his life is unharmed for now that he had been given the treatment needed. So we can rest assure for now”
Nino fell to his knees and looked at his friend while sobbing like he had never before. He had negative thoughts of Aiba all along but little did he know how precious he was to the other.

“Why didn’t you send him to the hospital?” Nino insisted, knowing how little medical experience all of them had. Jun was famous for bloodshedding instead of medical treatments which worried him more.

“The doc says acupuncture is enough to keep it at bay. We don’t have enough knowledge on the disease itself so this is the most that can be done. Besides, having Aiba brought to the hospital might cause unpleasant events here in Hanami” what Jun said really hit him hard and Nino showed no signs of further protest. The young master had many deaths blamed on him and he was sure more of those might hit the other’s limit. “Plus, I will have him work longer as a helper boy since he is in no condition to serve customers in the next 3 to 5 years”

At that, Nino’s eyes bulged in surprise over the misery his friend had to go through. “T-Then what about his debts? How much longer will that take him to actually be released from here?!”

“Nino. Calm down” Jun assured, hands on the other’s shoulders in a comforting manner. “Don’t push your ideals on Aiba. He is just contented with having 3 full meals a day and a roof to live under. I asked him about his own wishes before and if it was for his selfish desire, he just wanted to delay his mizuage for as late as possible” hearing that calmed the eager boy in just mere seconds.

“I’m very sorry!” Nino bowed apologetically with tears still glassing his eyes then returned to his friend’s side. “He’s my best friend yet there’s so many things that I don’t know about him”

Jun eyed Nino and smiled. He knew exactly what his subject was pondering about and he was in the mood for a little tease since the atmosphere was as tense as ever. “If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I have the answer you’re seeking for”

Knowing the young master’s sadistic streak, Nino was hesitant at first. But the urge to know was stronger than his fear. “Why did he do all of those for me when I hurt his feelings the other day? I don’t understand” Nino questioned, feeling a bit relieved that he had that off his chest.

Jun chuckled as if having everything going as he planned. He would be worried if things were to run out of his calculations. “Well, he told me that part about what you said. But you should know better about Aiba than anybody else Nino. Instead of getting all hot-headed from your words, he did all these for you and said ‘I will make sure this is the best banquet Nino will ever experience! He will have so much fun that he will never ever think of all those terrible things again!’ and worked his ass off everyday”

Those words echoed in Nino’s mind like a broken tape, replaying each time he lost motivation. Jun informed him that Aiba had woken up the day after but Nino did not want to see his friend until he was done with this mizuage. He wanted to surprise Aiba with the fact that he had successfully went through it so he could once again see that beaming smile he missed so much.


A/N: I'm so sorry for the late update and not replying your comments without any notice. A LOT has been happening since the last time I wrote.
One, I went for physio and the oneesan said that my muscles were VERY stiff. She had never said that it was stiff before so I decided to take a break from writing for a while.
Two, just when I decided to continue writing, I was down with a fever the next day. My throat is still very soar and I cough like a dying old man haha! Even my voice is as corse as a men's now. When my friend called she was like "Who is this?" xD
Three, I stupidly reversed my car without looking at the mirror and crashed into a freakin' four wheel jeep. My car was quite badly dented at the back(but thank God the backlight was unharmed) because of the jeep's metal thingy at the front but I'm glad his car wasn't harmed since I didn't bring my license and purse that time. The nice chinese men(yes, two of them whose faces I do not want to remember) let me go without any arguement well fucking DUH his fucking car wasn't harmed! I finished this fic earlier but was a bit traumatized so I didn't post it yet... Plus, I lied to my parents and said I accidentally pressed the wrong pedal and crashed into a pole coz I'd be dead if they were to know I crashed into another car. Nobody else knows except for me and my friend who was in the car with me xD It was FULLY my fault but getting over it is harder than I thought :P
Forget all that, I will MAKE SURE TO REPLY ALL THE COMMENTS THIS TIME!!! I do read them tho...
Thank you for your patience!
Tags: fic : hanami, length : chaptered, pairing : ohno / nino, rating : pg
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