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Hanazakari [5/?]

Title: Hanazakari
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Ohno Satoshi
Rating: PG (ranges from G to NC-17 in the coming chapters)
Genre: Angst, Historical AU
Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi in any way
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari was born into poverty with no value to his family name and was forced into prostitution until he met a certain man of nobility. A sequel to Hanami.
A/N: Unbeta-ed

“Who exactly is Ohchan?” Nino asked Jun out of the blue when he bumped into the guy outside the dining hall.
“Have you finished your chores yet?” the young master questioned instead.

“Nope. A bit more then I’ll be done” answered the helper boy without a single hint of guilt.
“If you have that much time to talk then you should be using it on completing your work first! You can ask questions later” was Jun’s answer.

Nino just clicked his tongue in response, then proceeded to finish the last of his chores. Jun would spoil him when they were alone but instantly flip his switch into some strict old man when other people were present. He understood how hard Jun was trying to keep up his impression in order to gain respect so Nino just let it slide and played along.

Nino’s job was done for the day as he completed wiping the dining table. The next of his schedule was filled with free time until dinner. For each of their small jobs, even the helpers were given allowance. They were allowed to shop freely during their free time in the vicinity but never on the outskirts of the red-light district. There were lots of shops even within the area so they didn’t have much to complain about. This was also the time when Nino attempted to escape in the past but he had long stopped that bad habit since Jun took over.

“I guess I’ll go out to buy some candy after meeting Jun” was what Nino had in mind. As he walked along the corridor, the wailing and sobbing of a boy echoed along the said hallway . Since he was alone, it kinda gave him the creeps. But Nino was sure it was a human’s cry. A human boy to be precise.

Nino’s curiosity got the best of him as he proceeded to locate the source of the cry. He continued walking along the corridor only to come across Jun’s main office. Was Jun crying? Nino wondered then shook his head. No way would that stoic guy cry, especially in that pathetic manner.

Going along his inquisitive nature, Nino tried to find every possible opening to peep in. He managed to eye through the little space between the door and saw a kid about his age crying profusely on the floor. Surprisingly, Jun’s father was in the room as well. The former owner of Hanami was in charge of major events which the young master couldn’t handle so Nino assumed that something serious was going on.

Behind the said boy was an older man and woman who he assumed as the boy’s parents. Then it hit him  on what was exactly going on as he had gone through the same thing. It was obvious that the boy was going to be sold to Hanami, just like him. However, unlike Nino’s case, the boy’s mother was crying while his father had a tear-stained face.

“His parents must love him a lot” Nino thought to himself. His lips were curved into a smile but Nino knew better what was deep in his heart—that was of nothing but pure jealousy and envy. He wished his mother would be as sad and loving as the boy’s but Nino actually wondered if she even had the heart to see him again. The thoughts of the final impression of his mother was the worse. Just remembering it could give him enough despair to last for a whole week.

A while later, Nino left to do what he had planned. Seeing such a sight was quite unbearable for him—considering the questions left unanswered from his last memories of his family. He shook his head from the thought and ran off into the rain and down the busy streets to buy sweets and candies. Once he was done, Nino returned back to the brothel, soaking wet to his undergarments.

He sneakily walked inside, careful to not run into people like Jun or he’d receive a whole day worth of lecturing for carelessly ignoring his health. Just like a sly little mouse, Nino slipped into Hanami without being noticed. More like, where was everybody?

After changing his clothes into another, Nino headed over to the dining hall where everybody (surprisingly) assembled. Of course, the sneaky little boy knew nothing of what was going about the crowd. The crowd was getting noisier for some reason, eyes focused onto the main attraction. In the middle of the mass, sat the boy he saw earlier, curled up pathetically perhaps still lightly sobbing. Nino clicked his tongue, questioning everybody’s stupidity as their presence was only scaring the poor little thing.

“Is he the new boy?” Nino asked a random boy beside him.
“Yeah!” the boy himself seemed awfully excited, in Nino’s point of view.
“So why are we all here again?”
“Matsumoto-sama requested that we all welcome the new tenant to make him feel better! It’s been a while since we have a newcomer around here so everybody’s pretty excited”

Nino practically slapped his forehead in response. What the heck was that darn Jun thinking? How can this ever make that boy feel better? Without caring about anything else, Nino immediately pushed himself into the crowd. With his slender body and limbs, he was in the boy’s reach in no time. He grabbed the boy by his arm and pulled him out of the crowd. For awhile, all eyes were on the Nino who was practically pulling the new boy with force, away from crowd.

Without a single word, Nino just dragged the boy up to his room which he shared with all the other newbies. The boy followed suit, not a single sound from him. His frame was almost like Nino, though not as skinny. He looked pale perhaps still in shock. Even his hand was cold and wet, which was probably his tears. “You’ll end up sleeping here as well so make yourself at home” Nino said , slightly smiling. He wanted to welcome the boy instead after having seen his pitiful scene with his own two eyes.

The boy was slightly sobbing, his eyes were as red as ever. “I’m Ninomiya Kazunari” Nino suddenly introduced himself, rummaging through his futon as the boy observed his every move. “Aiba Masaki….Is my name” the boy said lightly, somewhat choking from over-crying.

Nino then sat in front of him and handed over a packet of sweet. “Take this. By eating this you’re officially my friend! Got it?” he didn’t know what got over him but those words came out spontaneously after looking at Aiba’s miserable form. The boy hesitated at first but later took the said sweets and chewed on it happily. The first smile on Aiba’s face melted Nino’s heart in an instance.

Just as they were about to start a conversation, Jun appeared at the door frame with a sarcastic smile.
“I heard the princess was kidnapped and locked away by an evil spirit?” the young master’s laugh was as annoying as hell, getting in the way of their bonding at the same time. Nino immediately stood up by the next second and slammed his fist against the wall next to Jun.

“You might be my friend and my employer and I trust you with all my heart but what did you think of doing, leaving him all alone with all those bastards? Are you mistreating him just because he was sold off just like the rest of us? Is making fun of him that fun to you?” Nino swore he had never gotten that angry with anyone else except for his step-father but he simply couldn’t let the case rest. He felt offended by how poorly the new boy was treated, considering the fact that he was once in the same spot.

Jun sighed and rubbed his temples instead. “I think you should learn to listen to the whole story first before judging, mister soaked-up-in-the-rain” Nino flinched at the sarcasm in Jun’s words. He thought nobody saw him all wet and drenched from the rain but he should’ve known that nothing within Hanami could escape the young master’s 20/20 vision.

“First, I was to take care of the boy but he ran off by himself, got lost and caught by the others on his own accord. Second, I was to find him but I found a trail of water along the hallway instead and decided to find the culprit. Thirdly, I hid in the cupboard only to find no other than you behind it. Fourth, I trailed you after that which led to finding Aiba as well. And lastly, since it turned out like this, it’d be a pleasure to let you handle him from now onwards. Please guide him, Nino. I’ll add an extra bonus to your allowance”

At the sound of bonus, he agreed without a single protest. But what Nino would never admit was the fact that he just wanted to get along with the new boy considering how little friends he had. He was just a lonely kid who needed a company and Aiba came right in time for that. Perhaps forcing Aiba to become his friend with a single sweet was not the best way to start off, but they were definitely on the right path in supporting each other.


A/N: OMG! I'm so sorry for the poorly written chapter this time T^T I feel like I didn't get to convey what I wanted to... Wanted to change it but I'm too tired >< Kinda got excited after watching the last ep of Free - Eternal Summer that my fingers began typing like mad until the end ~ Had an intense physio session this morning so I'm pretty much worn out so I didn't read through it that much :P
Hope you guys enjoy this chapter ^_^
Feedbacks and comments are appreciated :)
P/S: I want to draw Ohno in a hakama for this fic xD
Tags: fic : hanazakari, pairing : ohno / nino, rating : pg
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