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Hanazakari [4/?]

Title: Hanazakari
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Ohno Satoshi
Rating: PG (ranges from G to NC-17 in the coming chapters)
Genre: Angst, Historical AU
Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi in any way
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari was born into poverty with no value to his family name and was forced into prostitution until he met a certain man of nobility. A sequel to Hanami.
A/N: Unbeta-ed

Nino didn’t like the idea of selling his body in exchange for the debts he had on his back but he did enjoy his life in Hanami. A comfortable futon to sleep on and three complete meals a day was enough to satisfy a street rat as himself. Since Nino lived off of poverty, the labor work he was forced into in Hanami was nothing compared to what he had gone through.

Despite being used to the work load, each day was filled with surprises for the boy who had very little experience regarding the outside world. Just recently he found out that Jun was a famous young samurai since the age of ten. The rumors also said that he had been bathed in the blood of a thousand bodies, gaining both respect and fear from many. The young protégé would always be on the frontline when facing the enemy at the state’s borderline—was what the other young helpers kept telling him.

At first it was hard to believe such things until he asked the person himself. Coincidentally, Jun was sharpening his sword with a piercing gaze and Nino swore if Jun wasn’t his friend he would have mistook the other for a serial killer. “It’s true though. I’ve been trained physically and mentally since I was three and Dad sent me on my first mission when I was ten.” Nino excused himself with a petty reason and fled away to the garden. The fact that Jun managed Hanami better than his father surprised Nino but not as much as this! Matsumoto Jun was truly a gruesome kid.

Nino wandered around the said garden having forgotten of what he had to do earlier. Since the bell indicating lunch time didn’t go off yet, he decided to take a nap in the garden. Nino was famous for playing hooky so it was common for him to skip the chores. Just when he was about to doze off, a sudden commotion woke him up from his doze.

“Domoto!! One of the customers complained about your lack of manners! Know your place! You are never any higher in status than the customers!” Jun scolded one of the courtesan who was literally more than five years older than he was. Nino, who saw the scene was more terrified than awed. He feared the older courtesans who would treat them helpers like mere servants but Jun was brave enough to stand up to them, not to mention scolding one too!     

He feared Jun but looked up to him at the same time. Because of his weakness he failed in protecting his sister and mother so Nino ought to toughen up and become stronger. Perhaps, Jun was the perfect mentor for his goal!

“What are you doing here?” Nino almost screamed as the sudden voice came from behind him. He jumped in surprise only to find Jun’s face inching closer. “Let me ask you again. What are you doing here?” He shivered in fear, struggling to answer. When Jun’s hand snaked onto his shoulder, Nino swore he almost soiled his pants. He was close with Jun but deep inside his heart he was most afraid of the other. He looked up to Jun as his sole protector rather than a friend. But in the end, who knows when Jun would go on a killing spree with him as the first guy on the list?

Just when Nino stutteringly ought to answer, Jun burst into laughter—wiping his tears of extreme joy. “You’re that afraid of me?” Jun asked, still happily laughing away. Nino then looked at him dumbfounded, pretty much all the fear pushed to the back of his mind.

“Did the rumours affect you that much?” Jun was still laughing, seemingly not stopping in the next second. “I was the one who spread the rumor so nobody would ever dare to defy me! If I don’t do that, I will never gain the respect needed to manage this place so there’s no need for you to get all frightened. Why would I even harm my subjects?”

Instead of getting angry, Nino was rather relieved that the only person he was close to didn’t turn out to be the most fearsome human being. “You could at least tell me that it was all a lie. Then I wouldn’t have to look so stupidly scared!”  the pitch of Nino’s tone did rise on his last sentence. He would be lying if he denied his anger for the young master’s little trick. He thought Jun would give him that friendly slap on his back like he always did but it didn’t come as he expected it to. Instead, the guy just stared at him with a blank look. “Who said that all of that was a lie?” Jun’s bloodshot eyes as he said such with a straight face scared Nino yet again.

“Would you please stop scaring the shit out of me?!” Nino demanded. “I don’t even know what to believe anymore!”
“Well, let me tell you this though. More than half of the rumor is actually true. Though ‘a thousand bodies’ was a bit over the top” Jun willingly explained. “People tend to exaggerate when it gets from one mouth to another, which is also the best part of the show” told off the young master with a big sheepish grin.

“Then how many did you actually kill?” Nino played along, careful not to get tricked again.
“About a hundred plus I guess? I lost count”

“That isn’t any different!!! Killing more than a hundred and still living a well off life is enough to scare anybody!” Nino argued. Jun just let it slide though, assuring that his hands were already clean from any more massacre. The civil war just ended recently and he had no reason to go out for any more battles; especially ones that involved slaughtering.

“This is one way for me to atone my sins” the young master confessed in a solemn tone. “It wasn’t like I killed people as a hobby. It was a way to survive as the sole male descendant  from the Matsumoto family’s main branch. Plus, by taking care of Hanami’s residents’ welfare, I can make up for the damages I’ve caused. It’s true that I can never make up for what I did but this is the only thing I can do at the moment.” The young master always had an air of confidence around him but to see that vulnerable side of his was not what Nino wanted.

“Just like you, all the people here are the same—all carrying some bad past and simply seeking refuge. So by taking care of you and the others, I can lighten the guilt I feel for my past” Jun admitted as he patted Nino’s head and ruffled his hair like what his sister used to do.

The anger Nino felt earlier also faded in an instant. He might have thought that what he went through was bad enough but even nobles like Jun had had a hard time in life, perhaps way worse than his. He then understood why Jun was more matured that any of them there—since he had seen more of life than anybody there did.

Jun then stood up, breaking the tense atmosphere. “That’s that. Nothing we can do to change it now. Anyway, since you’re here you might as well be of help. My two friends are coming over again. Please send over the refreshments once they arrive” with that, the young master walked off, refined in even his walking posture.

The mentioned guests were two of Jun’s childhood friends. No matter what the boy had seen or did in life, in the end he was still a child through and through. A child who liked to bring his friends over to kill his boredom. These two friends of his were Sho of the Sakurai family and Satoshi of the Ohno family. Both of them were from similar roots—those of nobles with grace to just their family name.

Nino had seen them a few times before but of course, he never really had any intentions of speaking to them despite the close range in age. Their statuses were too much apart that Nino had doubts those two would even spare people like him a glance.

Though he had to admit, it was the first time Jun personally requested him to serve his friends. He was curious how nobles were in reality since the only noble men he knew was Jun and his father, the former owner of Hanami. Were they rude and stuck up brats like how his sister used to describe the nobles? Except for Jun, that guy was a special case—was the impression Nino had.

As ordered, Nino brought over the prepared snacks and refreshments once the guests arrived. He carried the tray over in anxiety since it was his first job to serve such important people. He would usually do all the behind-the-scenes chores which didn’t require direct interactions with the guests or customers so this was nerve-wrecking.

Nino slightly knocked on the sliding door, indicating that the food had arrived. Before he managed to reach the said door, it slammed open right in front of his face. A chubby-looking boy appeared in front of him him, eyeing the food in Nino’s hand with great interests. “These looks delicious! Mind if I take it instead?” he asked rather politely. Nino just nodded in response as the boy slowly took the tray away.

“Hurry up Oh-chan! I’m hungry here!” Another voice came from inside the room. The boy called ‘Oh-chan’ responded angrily instead. “I’m coming, Lord Sakurai!” he replied with sarcasm as he walked away with the food and beverages in hand but didn’t forget to turn back and show his gratitude. “Thank you very much for these! We appreciate it!” said Ohchan with a big smile in return.

Nino bowed and quickly ran to the garden with a face red as a tomato. “What the heck was that?” he wandered, baffled over his own reaction. Nino was completely charmed by the polite and kind noble boy. It was the first time he served a stranger and the first time to receive such a sincere smile from an aristocrat. It somehow gave him a pleasant feeling to continue working hard.

A/N: I'm not gonna use tabs anymore....It's coz the format changes when I copy the text from my microsoft word and I've to redo everything ><
Anw, I feel like I'm updating Hanazakari faster than I did with Hanami xD I'm going to begin studying on the 1st of Dec so I wana finish this fast so I can actually start revising for the new term~
I have the habit of scratching my surgical scar when I'm writing fics and lately it's been in stinging pain ~ HAHAHA!! Guess I ought to stop that too..... coz I might get seizure and my hand will be affected again :P
And sorry for the late replies! I've not been in my best condition lately >< But thank you very much for the feedbacks! I really appreciate them :) Also to the ones who took the trouble to read Hanami, arigatou gozaimasu!!!!
Tags: fic : hanazakari, length : chaptered, pairing : ohno / nino, rating : pg
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