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Thrash post #39 : Bye bye bestie ~

I'm kinda down at the moment... My best friend who had been keeping me company since her foundation course ended is off again to start enrolling for her degree course T^T~
It's lonely enough without my siblings at home and now even my best friend has gone off to study...
All my friends around me are off in some uni to study :(
It's nice to be on a holiday since January but it's very lonely when nobody your age is around....
I'll only go back to studying on the 1st of Dec and I hope to finish my fics by then as well :P

My bestie is a fan of animes too~ And she love Ichinose Tokiya from Uta no Princesama so I drew Tokiya for her and sent this to her before she left....

It was done in a rush so it's quite badly drawn :P
Anw, I think I've been overusing my hand so I'll stop drawing and writing fics for a few days ><

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