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Hanazakari [3/?]

Title: Hanazakari
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Ohno Satoshi
Rating: PG (ranges from G to NC-17 in the coming chapters)
Genre: Angst, Historical AU
Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi in any way
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari was born into poverty with no value to his family name and was forced into prostitution until he met a certain man of nobility. A sequel to Hanami.
A/N: Unbeta-ed

           Nino’s step-father gripped his arm tightly and dragged him out of the house and into the open. His sister wailed loudly, screaming at the man to free her one and only baby brother. Their mother has tears in her eyes but she remained silent with no form of protest. Nino looked behind, expecting his mother to save him but to his worst nightmare, she just stood there with her  head down, refusing to spare him even a single look.

         “Lock your daughter in the house. Don’t let her interfere! I’m going for a bonding session with your beloved son” Hearing that sent shivers down Nino’s spine. He stopped protesting as he focused all his energy to have the last glance at his once loved family members.  His sister was trying to free herself in order to save him but his mother was trying her hardest in holding her back rather than trying to save him. He could do nothing but let the man tow him away.

         The pain from being betrayed stabbed at Nino’s heart like a thousand needles. He loved his mother more than anybody else and she was the last person Nino thought would ever leave him. He went out to find money just for her. Thinking of the burden she had to bear, Nino built up the courage to live on his own and worked hard to share the load but this was what he got in exchange? Nino gritted his teeth as he looked back one last time. He used the last ounce of his energy to turn back and scream at his sister. “Use the money I keep in our usual hideout for Mum!! Use them only for her! So she don’t have to work harder than she already does!”      

         Only then did his mother turned to look at his disappearing silhouette. Her miserable look was the last expression he saw of her as the man yanked at him angrily “Pretty noisy and stubborn for a pipsqueak, aren't cha?! Shut up or I’ll destroy your arm!” the man shouted as the grip on his arm became tighter. Nino didn’t care anymore. He hated his mother for not defending him but deep in his heart he still loved her—which was the sole reason why he wanted the money he earned and kept to be of use to only her. He trusted his sister for being able to grant that last favour of his since she was more than determined for the job. That was when the smile on his usual cheery face disappeared.

         He let the man do as he pleased as he gradually lost his footing. “Walk! You have two perfectly moving legs! Or would you prefer if it was cut instead?” the bastard did his talking but Nino said nothing in return. He knew the man was all bark but no balls—like most of those adults at his previous job who were envious of his ability.

         When they reached a big wooden mansion, Nino was harshly pulled into the said building. A smart-looking man appeared before them. He was tossed onto the ground like a piece of thrash while the man stood in front of him with his cold eyes. “So does he have what it takes to sell his body?” the man asked.

         Nino’s eyes widened in fear as soon as he understood what was going on. He looked around frantically for a chance to escape. He didn’t want to be sold; especially having to sell his body in return. When he was away at the neighbouring town, he heard of how prostitutes were looked down upon, tortured and poorly-treated. Some were even forced into taking drugs to turn them into sex machines and winded up dying alone on the streets. “It’s okay to be poor. But never to sell your body as an option. It’s your one and only pride so use it for proper purposes!” the nice old man used to tell him and he ought to never ever step into such a world.

         As his step-father was negotiating about the money in exchange, Nino’s eyes stared around wildly, desperate for simply any little chances to escape. In the corner of the room stood an expensive-looking  flower vase which grabbed his attention. In the frantic of the moment, Nino immediately ran to the said corner, grab the vase and ran towards his step father in full force. His little grip on the item tightened, ready to hit the said man with his hardest blow. He could see how his step-father’s face cringed in fear but his arm was grabbed a second before he managed to land the final strike.

        The owner of the said mansion pulled him away and took away the vase, pretty relieved that it was harmed. His step-father laughed his ugly laugh at the little boy’s failed attempt. He grabbed Nino by the chin and smiled eeriely. “You’re a hundred years too early to kill me, boy!” Nino hissed as he spit on the man’s face. Having to see his spit on the man he despised the most was delighting. Nino looked at the man with hatred as he shouted “I will kill you!! I swear that I will be laughing at your last moments you bastard!!”

         “Become this brothel’s top prostitute first then you can think about killing me... If you can’t even achieve that then you can think another thousand times about even laying a finger on me” The words echoed in Nino’s mind like a broken tape. "You are to work in Hanami until you pay all your debts or bought by a patron. Until then you are to abide the rules here with food and accomodity provided" was what the owner of the brothel told him as the contract was signedofficially making him the new resident of Hanami.

         That was the case years ago, Nino was already a teenager left by the deepest hatred for his mother and the sickening man she brought home. He lost full contact with his family and the outside world after that—not knowing what ever happened to his mother and sister. He had also grown to hate his birthday since it was the day he was sent there to Hanami, the one and only male brothel in Yoshiwara, Edo’s famous red light district.

         Nino was very stubborn and he refused every single offer to cooperate. He even tried to escape but he did not manage to get any further than the outer gates of Yoshiwara’s red light district. He was beaten and tortured for his attempts but Nino did not regret every of his try since for each and one of them, he was fully prepared to die. Though in the end, he was left half conscious with his soul still intact.

               Of course, there were boys his age there but he did not bother to get along with any of them even though they were in the same boat as him. He was among the young assistants who were to keep the male brothel, Hanami, in good progress which ranges from the duties of cooking to cleaning up the after mess in the used rooms. He did little work and would create a fuss every now and then.

         Nino was quite a troublemaker until the strict owner decided to retire and leave everything to his son,  Matsumoto Jun, who was around the same age as Nino but very capable despite being very young. Jun was the only one Nino got along with in Hanami and thanks to that, he stopped being rebellious and decided to take his step-father’s challenge to a whole new level—to become Hanami’s number one prostitute, get a good patron and kill that bastard once and for all—of course, that was once he is of age to have his mizuage ceremony.


*mizuage: A ceremony where the prostitutes' (geisha in Japan's edo period) virginity is taken by a patron who would bid for the highest price

A/N: I advise the ones who didn't read Hanami yet to do so coz I don't wana rewrite what I've written >< I'm not forcing my readers or anything but just a suggestion, yea? I will still add some details from the previous fic so it's understandable though~
I'm back to doing my physiotherapy regularly so I can write more :)

Comments and feedbacks are appreciate ^__^
Tags: fic : hanami, length : chaptered, pairing : ohno / nino, rating : pg
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