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Hanami [14/14]

× Title: Hanami
× Rating: NC-17
× Pairing: Aiba x Sho, Nino x Ohno
× Genre: Historical, Angst
× Disclaimer: I do not own Arashi in any way
× Summary: The story revolves around Aiba and Nino, who were residents of the one and only male brothel in Yoshiwara, Hanami.
× A/N: Unbeta-ed

      Ever since his parent’s arrival, Aiba had been smiling more. Surprisingly, he got along with them despite what he’d gone through all those years alone. Sho himself was impressed—not to mention falling in love with the other all over again. Perhaps, the longing for his parents had turned him into a forgiving person. Aiba too had been learning his way in the kitchen under his parent’s guidance. He practiced hard and even Takeru complimented his cooking by each passing day.

         Besides being able to sharpen his skill as a housewife, Aiba also took the opportunity to have a few rounds of talks with his parents. Back then he was just a brat so he couldn’t understand anything but he was already an adult so he figured his perspective might be different. Indeed he did. Only then he found out about the loan sharks who wanted him in exchange for the debts forced on his father which lead to his parents sending him over to Hanami. “Selling you to Hanami wasn’t the best choice, but it was better than serving those good-for-nothing loan sharks” His mother would say in a solemn tone everytime the topic came up.  In the end, the money they got from selling him was given to the loan sharks instead.

         “Even now, I’m glad you sent me there. Thanks to that I met Sho” was what Aiba would reply to his upset mother. They came to a conclusion that the topic was taboo later on. Sho exclaimed how much he hated dwelling on the past so that’s that. Aiba also found out his little brother was off married  into a common family and was living well out of the state. It didn’t cross his mind at all, considering the last time he saw his little brother was when they were still kids.

         “You’ve been doing great Masaki, perhaps better than me!” stated his father with a proud tone as they finished preparing lunch. Sho was out working so the young master expected a great meal for his afternoon return home. Takeru had also began schooling and usually returned about the same time.

         “I should consider finding work outside. I can’t simply dig your husband’s pocket and live a well-off life!” exclaimed Aiba’s father with a tensed face.  At first Aiba protested against his old man’s request but knowing his father’s ego, he had no saying in it. Aiba too considered working once but Sho greatly objected it. He still remembered how determined Sho looked when the guy said “How can I let you serve anybody else other than me?!”

`           He then shook his head, trying to focus on making better and better meals. The set date was just around the corner so he had no time to fool about.  His parents even offered him help to win against the snobbish Sakurai couple but Aiba rejected the idea—it was his battle and he ought to win it with his own effort!

         With a few sleepless nights and long daytimes of hard work, the day finally arrived. The morning was nevertheless cold and Aiba found it colder knowing what he had to face that day. He woke up early as usual. He went to take a proper bath and immersed himself in the hot water longer than usual. He tried to relax but it was futile.

         His heart was beating fast since the night before and it disrupted his sleep. “I hope I won’t have eyebags today” Aiba whispered to himself. He’d be lying if he said that he wasn’t anxious—in fact, he was more anxious than when they went to visit the Sakurai manor. The loud thumping in his chest did not rest even after a comforting bath; for the fact that it wasn’t comforting enough for him.

         Aiba made breakfast first thing in the morning before sorting out the ingredients for lunch as the two important guests would be joining them. Aiba’s parents were told to not come out and they’d plan a different day for introductions. To Aiba, it was plain rude to his parents and he didn’t like the idea at all but Sho knew of his parent’s ego more than anything else. “Once you win this we’ll find a proper time to introduce your parents!” Sho assured him a few days before. He hated the fact that his parents were treated like some convenient household pets but at least it assured him that they were safe from Sho’s mother’s insults. Plus, the high confidence Sho had in him was assuring enough.

         For the sake of his family, Aiba threw away all his concerns and began focusing on nothing but the dish he was going to prepare. Bits by bits cut, boiled, fried, steamed and grilled to perfection. It was tenacious work preparing all sorts of different dishes but he had to prove his worth. By lunch time, he had the food he made sprawled across the dinner table.

         He stared at the prepared table proudly, feeling happy with the menu of the day—steamed Shinmai rice with Gingko nuts, Matsutake mushroom soup, salt-grilled Sanma fish, pumpkin croquettes and a plate of nicely sliced persimmons.* 

         He covered the food and proceeded to ready himself with another bath and a change of clothes to wash away the sweat and stickiness. If he were to confront the Sakurais in that manner, who knows what those blabber mouths would say. Together with a charming green kimono Sho bought for him, Aiba put on his favourite cologne.

The servant came by his room to inform his guests’ arrival and Aiba couldn’t help  but feel edgy. Sho was already with them so he wanted to surprise that lover of his too. Takeru was with his parents so he could confirm that neither of them would be around to mess this up.

         Aiba descended the stairs gracefully, meeting his parents-in-law eye to eye as they were at the dining hall entrance. “Welcome, Sakurai-sama” Aiba forced himself to smile and bowed politely. With nose high up in the air, the two entered the said room led by their son. “I can’t believe Sho was raised by these two snobs!” Aiba’s mind screamed in anger, but a sweet smile remained plastered on his face as he sat on the opposite of his honoured guests.

         The covered food on the table emitted such enticing aroma and Aiba couldn’t help but be proud as pure curiousity were shown in the faces of his guests. He didn’t blame them though—How could one simply ignore such exquisite scent?

         Sho lifted the covers only to be amazed at the dishes feasted upon his eyes. Aiba hurried with filling the bowls of rice and passing them on to the Sakurais. “Please enjoy your meal” with that said, Aiba walked off to fetch the tea he prepared from the herbs his parents recommended. His movements in preparations were subtle and refined—something he learned in Hanami as a step in serving guests.

        Aiba simply watched as the three ate to their hearts’ content since he had no intention of joining their meal. The moment Sho’s parents refilled their bowls, Aiba knew he had won this from the beginning. Little did the Sakurais know how detailed their son’s lover was observing them. Even Sho himself stuffed the food like a hungry beast to the point of getting his cheeks puffed like a hamster.

         They soon finished their meals with clean plates and at that, Aiba could only flash his sweet smile. “Did you enjoy my cooking, Sakurai-sama?” he asked rather sarcastically. The two Sakurais, however, didn’t want to admit defeat. “Th-This doesn’t mean we approve of you yet!” Sho’s mother stuttered, eyeing the pot of tea on the table.

         Aiba poured tea into her cup with an elegant smile, reading her intentions like an open book. “Don’t hesitate to ask for more since I made these especially for you” her faced showed that Aiba had successfully pissed her off but she still finished her cup of tea before urging her husband to leave the house as soon as possible.

         Sho expected Aiba to feel offended but he didn’t feel such things.  They bid a proper farewell to the Sakurais and relief instantly took over. It was finally over. Though not directly mentioned, Aiba had won the hearts of the proud couple with his cooking.  To have it done with his endless effort, he was way beyond relieved that he practically fell on his bums.

         “Are you okay?” Sho asked, a bit panicked to see Aiba suddenly weak on his knees like that.

         “I’m more than okay…Too okay perhaps” tears of relief started filling Aiba’s eyes—and he couldn’t make it stop. Sho kneeled closer and hugged his lover. “Congratulations. Your cooking was probably the best I’ve tasted in years. For an instance I thought that if the food couldn’t win then I don’t know what will” that compliment was all Aiba needed. He was prepared to lose, but he just wanted Sho to look up to him somehow because all that mattered to him was the man who gave him a future to live for.

         When Aiba calmed down, they returned to the kitchen to find the other three happily clearing up the leftovers. Takeru had his cheeks stuffed as if the little kid hadn’t eaten for a decade. “Thish-ish-cho-dzelicious!!” the boy cried with his mouth full.

         “Takeru! Don’t talk with your mouth full!” Aiba’s mother told off as she herself was enjoying the meal. “Yes grandma” the boy replied with a sulky look and the four of them laughed. Even Aiba’s father showered him with a thousand praises for his great cooking. “This is something that’d be good to be added on a grand restaurant’s menu” Perhaps, from a cook, that was the best compliment an amateur like him could get.

         The happy night ended with them tucking Takeru in bed before having a personel round of alcohol to celebrate in their room. The happy couple ought to stop after the first bottle but perhaps it was too early to call it a night. So, they had a few more rounds until both were dead drunk.

         “I think this calls f-for a ce-celebration!” drunk Aiba announced as he jumped up from his former position. Sho laughed creepily before hooking himself onto the other and hauled themselves onto the bed. The bamboo bed made a loud creaking noise that it worried Aiba even in his current state. “W-wow t-thewe big boy. You’ll b-break the br-bed in hawlf!” slurred the drunkard in sub-consciousness. Sho giggled like a girl, arms wrapped around his lover.

         “I’ve been holding back all this while…” Sho’s consciousness slowly returned though not fully; but at least he could manage his words properly compared to Aiba. “…Now, let me fuck you”

         Sho wished Aiba was more conscious since it was a heart-to-heart moment but he simply couldn’t hold it back anymore. His inner desires would burst if he had to wait longer; He wanted Aiba. He wanted Aiba just like their first night. Their first night spent with full of passion. He wanted it, exactly like that!

         Aiba’s eyes were unfocused—staring deep into his before giving out his answer. “I’m yours Sho-chan. You’re free to use me as you please”

         That did it. Something triggered in Sho’s perverted mind and there was no turning back. He jumped on Aiba and practically ravished his lips with his own. His hands quickened into the other’s loosened yukata and snaked his hands onto the other’s flat chest. While his tongue did wonders in Aiba’s mouth, his fingers pinched the little nubs on the said chest, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Aiba’s parted lips.

         “You’ve gotten sensitive to my touch—Sexy” that caused the drunk Aiba to blush more and with the candle still lighting their room, he could see the other’s figure ever so clearly. Sho could practically make out Aiba’s swollen lips—finding it erotic since it a work of his own. Aiba always had luscious lips but to see it with more sexual appeal was something only Sho had seen.

         Sho’s skillful mouth proceeded to trail to his lover’s ear, down the neck and towards the little nubs he loved so much. A long whine from the other was like music to Sho’s ears. Those sounds only he had heard caused him to become more dominant. The desire to monopolize Aiba was at its peak and he could no longer feel himself thinking straight.

         His eyes turned unfocused this time; with lust filling every corner of his mind. His mouth travelled further south to Aiba’s hardened manhood. He licked and sucked the tip, wringing his lover dry of everything he had. A trail of moan escaped Aiba’s parted lips as he gasped for air.

         “Sho..chan!” Aiba whined, fingers buried in Sho’s hair. Seeing the fervent expression of his partner, Sho’s fingers advanced to the other’s hole. The fingers he had successfully damped with a fine amount of lube made its way into the other—one by one until three fingers were glued to Aiba’s entrance. The moment he started moving the said fingers, Aiba’s moan turned more into a cry; suppressing  the urge for a realease.

         “Can I enter you now Aiba-chan?”

         “D-Didn’t you hear me? I a-am y-yours…hngh….so f-feel free t-to use me as you pl-please!” Aiba couldn’t hold back either. His entrance was twitching for something more than Sho’s fingers.

         With that said, Sho positioned his member before slowly penetrating the puckering hole. Aiba tried to hold back his scream by biting his lips but Sho moved upwards to catch those lips—making the other scream in his mouth instead. He couldn’t take the risk of having Aiba hurting himself. It’d been a while plus Aiba was no slut to begin with so the process turned out to be quite painful despite the preparations done.

         Sho stayed in that very position, restraining himself to move despite the tight walls clenching his member. Once Aiba relaxed, Sho asked yet again—despite his burning lust, Sho was being as careful as possible—“Can I move now?”

         Aiba just nodded his head away, wanting to pleasure his lover despite having to bear the pain. He remembered how the pain turned into pleasure when they first did it and hoped to reclaim that wonderful feeling. With the given permission, Sho stretched his arms on both of Aiba’s sides and began to move his hips at a steady pace. It was painful for Aiba at first but as he began to keep breathing and  at the other’s subtle movements, it began to turn into pure pleasure.

         Their grunts and moans echoed throughout the room—drowning in pleasure without a care in the world. Sho’s speed gradually increased, aiming for climax. One of his hands moved to Aiba’s dripping cock to give it a few pumps. “Let’s cum together” Sho suggested, his sweats dripping on the other’s body in the heat of the moment. “O-Okay”

         A few more thrusts and pumps to Aiba’s manhood, they finally came together. Their juices soiled their skins and sheets as the room was filled with a musky scent. The couple took their time to regain their breathings before looking at each other in the eyes and began laughing like idiots. The effect of the alcohol began to dissipate and they managed to engrave every detail into the back of their minds.

         “I love you, Aiba-chan. So much I wish I can lock you up somewhere so nobody can ever have a look at how beautiful you are!” Sho began to get all dramatic as they both laid sprawled on the dirty bed sheet. Aiba chuckled and slightly bunked Sho’s head.

         “You idiot! I’m a guy. Nobody would think I’m beautiful—especially since I’ve gotten my hair cut I look nothing like a girl anymore”

         “No matter how you look, to me you’re always beautiful. And I’m forever glad that I met you” Sho teased, enjoying the sight of Aiba’s reddened cheeks. 

         “I love you too Sho-chan…more than anybody else in this world…” Sho’s eyes bulged in surprise at the beet red confession. It was extremely hard to get Aiba to admit it but the guy suddenly said it out without a single hint of hesitation. .. “Please take care of me!” Aiba suddenly exclaimed with a flash of his cutest smile—which could trigger yet another switch in Sho’s perverted mind….

         It seemed that there was more to the 101 expressions Aiba can make—which included the cute and bold yet shy one he had just witnessed.

And Sho’s observation diary continued….



*The stated dishes are special menus available only during autumn since the ingredients are of crops grown only in that particular season

A/N: Ohisashiburi minna-san!! I'm so sorry for not updating for quite long! This time I've a proper reason for doing so ><
Before we get to why, sorry I abruptly ended this fic with Sakuraiba's part. I'll write Ohmiya's part under a new title as a sequel :3 I wanted to try a new style and I need your help with it xD Here comes another stupidly infamous POLL!

First person writing is written from the character's point of view(POV) if you were wondering :)

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This writer is a bit disabled, you see~ haha.... I also hope I can stop taking medications and fully heal soon :)

Tags: fic : hanami, length : chaptered, pairing : sho / aiba, rating : nc-17
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